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Your preferred choice of beverage, ma’m?

Chai. It’s always been chai. Fine-tuned with my self-proclaimed romantic soul, chai speaks to me more than I sometimes speak to myself.

Especially when it rains and I turn into a glow worm, disseminating glee and tea residue out me bum.

That was until, I went to Coorg. Most famously known for it’s coffee plantations, Coorg’s coffee is exported in large numbers all over the world and even to the famous brands we guzzle, cup after cup. Once I went to Coorg, a trek within the coffee plantations, without permission of course cuz that’s how we accidentally roll, showed me a new world of Coffee. One that I was vaguely familiar with only while working endless hours, that too only if Chai isn’t readily available.


Now, being a half South Indian and having lived the longest in South India, my expectations from coffee are huge. A cappuccino just doesn’t cut it for me and unless it shaken and not stirred, read filter coffee made in tumblers , with Carnatic music playing in the background while someone cautiously pours out decoction into a glass and top it off with boiling milk.


Coorg, like I said is most famously known for it’s Coffee estates but somewhere, I feel I should talk about it’s beautiful landscapes instead. Coorg is stunning, so green everywhere that it’ll hurt your eyes. All our eyes rather, since we aren’t used to seeing trees, here I use the plural form, because all we see are buildings with paan spit all over the foundation and the grey of pollution hanging overhead, with a lone tree that survived the human caused deforestative apocalypse. What a pleasant visual.


Another unique selling proposition is Coorg’s Pandi curry. Pandi curry means Pork curry, if you so much as mention the name to someone who’s had it before, you’ll see the drool dripping off their faces and a glazed look in their eyes. the first time I ate pandi curry and then was asked to go to Coorg and eat it there, I was sold. See, unique selling proposition, enough to make one drive all the way there, with pandi curry being the first item on a to-do list. Drown that with pineapple wine, or paan wine or even rice wine and Coorg will have been a holiday worth taking those extra days off from work for.  While there, do not forget to inform your bosses that you’ll have no phone reception because you won’t most of the time, definitely do not forget to drive down to the fields in between Polibetta and Madikeri at night, park the car, get off and gaze into the starlit sky.


You’re welcome, if you bring back pandi curry.


One can get to Coorg by flying down to Bangalore and then taking a bus to Coorg though I would suggest you drive during the day instead. Also, take the route that detours from Hassan, it’s a prettier drive.


Photos by Sindhur Reddy

Wearing: Dress by Femella, Boots by Zara





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  • namita_gautham

    thank you so much Pongkhi :) Hope you get a chance to head to Coorg sometime :D