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Not many people know what or who Coorg might be. That’s quite sad because Coorg happens to be one of the most scenic places in India, often quoted as the Scotland Of India. Set in the hills of Karnataka, it’s greenery is almost a trance.


Coorg is known for it’s estates, being one of the largest producers of coffee and spices but that’s not why I went there. I went there because it’s calming and fulfilling.


My short trip to Coorg actually started off as a short road trip planned to another hill station.

We packed our bags, packed our munchables and packed my golf club (my dad’s weapon of choice for when I drive on highways or late nights) but I was in charge of booking our stay and I completely screwed that up. While on our way to the other hill station, we found out that our hotel room had been sold out and an email was sent to me, which I didn’t receive until much later due to the lack of phone network on the highway. So we took a detour and landed up in Coorg. And what a blessing that was.


The drive to Coorg is spruced with tall trees and coffee bushes that stretch on for miles, literally till the eyes can see. It’s sylphlike road with blind curves and sharp turns turned me into a wee bit of a rally racer must to the discomfort of my co-passenger cum photographer.


On reaching Coorg, we kicked off our shoes, brought in a cuppa tea and watched the sun go down into the trees. The next morning though, was quite an activity. From sneakily heading to other unknown people’s plantations to exploring our resort, our day passed as quickly as morning came. Oh, did I mention the amazing Mutton Curry we binged on thrice a day?


The next morning, we took off to another part of Coorg, to explore newer colours of green and busier areas of a town called Madikeri. On our list today were quaint shops selling home-made fruit wines, checking out a forest-like estate, having oranges thrown on our heads from the estate workers, hunting for a place to stay by asking random people at restaurants if they knew of a homestay, finding a spooky home to spend the night in, only to end up spending the night at a spot from where we could see the entire town in front of us, with it’s shimmering lights and fading car honks. A friend of ours, a local also took us to star gaze, 20 kms off Madikeri into the highway connecting the different districts of Coorg, we came to a halt at an empty field on the side of the highway where we got off, walked onto the highway flashing our phones to avoid get run over by passers-by and stood on the edge of the field, counting stars. How many we counted I don’t remember, for my mathematical abilities stop at 3 digit numbers. Oh, did I mention the amazing authentic pandi curry (Pork curry that Coorg is famous for) we binged on thrice a day?



Coorg is a getaway of a different kind, only 6 hours away from Bangalore, it is the best drive you’ll have and a road trip worth screwing up your accommodation at another hill station. It’s also safe for Women travelling alone and the people are warmer than the Betel Nut wine found more predominently than water.


Photos by Sindhur Reddy


Look 1: Joggers and boots by Zara, Blazer by Van Heusen, Tee by Splash

Look 2: Black dress, Leggings and socks: All street finds

Look 3: Cardigan: Splash, Skirt and boots: Zara, Sunglasses:

Look 4: Same as look 2, Striped shirt from



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