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Doubt is out. Where I work now, for a living and money and happiness and all, the philosophy that being doubtful of who you are or whether you “fit in” or not is out of fashion and we are in the era where everyone is breaking norms by the dozen and as comfortable in the skin as a polar bear might be in snow-capped mountains.

I love this philosophy, it resonates within. Apart from brief spurts of self-doubt of which you may have read a few posts, I try not to bother about opinions and often succeed. So when it came upon me to do a shoot for the company, I picked 5 women, some of whom I know well, some that I hope o get to know better. But each with their own individuality, vibe and mountain waiting to be conquered. Our main story this month is that very shoot, for


We also have another interesting (for me atleast) outfit post in which I’m wearing my dad’s trousers from his days as a young blooded soldier in the Army. These trousers that I chanced upon in a mouldy closet with moths in it, were waiting to be worn and brought out onto the field again. So we decided to do tis shoot in the outskirts, amidst bushes, trees and expanses of arid land.

I wear them with pride and the one thing that they remind me of is the independence my dad grew up with having to struggle it out quite a bit and how he’s passed on that quality of wanting to do things on my own to me. On being Independent. Apt then, that it is also the month of our country’s independence, when we stood our ground, fought for our rights and ensured opinions of the world didn’t matter, we were to be our own identity and that doubt was certainly out.

The trousers are a waist 30 and unknowingly my dad has ensured I go to the gym regularly, they shouldn’t fit me without a belt but they do.

Photos by Sindhur Reddy


Enjoy the month of The Independants,

Take a bow

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