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Baby, always do your best and leave the rest.

Like solid advice to a soldier heading to battle, these words from my dad resonate every time I’m doing something out of the extraordinary or going in for something important. He always told me to give in all I have to everything, once that’s done, the rest isn’t within my purview of handling.


So when I found these old pants of my dad’s from when he was a young soldier in the army, these words came back to me, at a time when having him around would’ve made things much easier to deal with. But here’s what I did, I wore the pants, I took in his advice and I gave in all that I had and then left it to pan out how it was destined to be. I was never a believer in things such as destiny, primarily because I couldn’t, rather wouldn’t sit around and wait patiently but I’ve now learnt that. It gets annoying at times, mostly for those around me once I start fidgeting and shifting my feet and tapping the table, but they prefer a slightly impatient me over a constantly charged bouncy ferret on redbull with added sugar.


Here they are, my dad’s army pants. An outfit that just happened to be, military inspired.   The armies of nations have inspired us to be brave, be focussed, be disciplined, be oh so starkly fashionable. There’s a lot we can take from the army but year after year we seek inspiration from them through fashion. Glossies each year have a military inspired section that fills our pages with the uniqueness of looking sharp. I’ve put together a small list of trends that are military inspired and that would be a lot easier to find than army uniform pants lying around.


  1. Gold buttons: These make up about 50% of what can be categorised as a military outfit. Gold dome buttons over a double breasted overcoat or even a dress instantly upgrade you to the higher ranks.
  2. Medallions : A trend that takes pride in itself, this one is best worn with pride , on the chest like a true soldier. Medals with striped ribbons add an insignia to a plain-jane outfit and keep them wondering who commissioned you on spy duty.
  3. Boots: a personal favourite, commando boots are the shizzzzzz!!! These can take you through any terrain and any season because an army man never says never!!
  4. Wide Belts: They clinch your waist, support your straightened back, add stride to your walk and can be doubled up as armour. What’s not to like? Wide waist belts, the part of the uniform that holds everything together including your weaponry if any.
  5. Olive green and Khakhi: Attention! The colours that make a comeback every season are here, yet again. It’s a fashion war that was announced a while back and is marching ahead, one long stride at a time. Olive green and Khakhi, unlike other colours, invariably command respect! So salutations sire.
  6. Beret: I take mine off as a mark of respect to those who can flaunt it fashionably. An army beret has walked with us through the ages, showing solidarity and comradeship with even the daintiest of outfits. If you’re experimenting with one piece this winter, let it be the beret. Roger that?
  7. Shoulder tabs: They say to walk shoulder-to-shoulder is the truest form of army discipline and empowerment. Shoulder tabs on the other hand, are the truest form of inspiration. They don’t add much value unless you fill them up with medals and badges, so why don’t you?


Photos by Sindhur Reddy

Wearing: Pants: Dad’s Top and sunglasses:, Brogues; Forever 21

Always, Take A Bow

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