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The rains are over, only on paper because in my city it rains whenever the weather feels like it and we dance around trying to shy away from the showers like puppets in it’s hand. But, since the rains have given us a breather and reduced their wrath, we can all go back to wearing pretty skirts and dresses without worrying about getting splashed and stained. So joy obviously.


This month’s feature was shot quite a while back but I wanted to wait to publish it, now seems quite right. It’s a lookbook based month with outfits worn differently and three skirts played around with.


Speaking of outfits worn differently, it’s something I’m consciously doing now. After having spent years buying new clothes on whim and fancy, I’ve decided to stop doing that. No, I do still have a job and steady income but I have this problem, it’s called lack of closet space. Then there’s a far graver problem, it’s call wastage.

By wastage I mean, of clothing that gets thrown away too soon and ends up in dumpsters with no where to be recycled. Sustainable fashion starts with repeating outfits, as many times as possible and in as many ways as you can imagine. Which is where we come to our feature story this month.


Starting soon, we are going to do pieces on sustainable fashion and conscious fashion each month where we will help you make better buying decisions. To just highlight the first, we have a pair of palazzos which we styled on three different women, a woman in her 20’s, one in her 30’s and the third n her 40’s. So there’s three new ways for you to wear your same old palazzos and no, you don’t need those new ones that you just accidentally saw and accidentally put into cart and accidentally clicked on checkout.


With this story I feel like we’ve addressed two issues at once, that of the importance of repeating clothing in different ways and of course, that of being comfortable with clothing that suits you at whatever age you feel (more than what age you really are) and not what the anyone says is good/bad for you. Next time someone tells you so and so isn’t meant for your age, give them a jar of peanut butter. Holding peanut butter in one hand makes everyone seem better than they are.


Photos by Sindhur Reddy

Make Up and Hair by Justin Lhouvam



Take A Bow

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