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6 8157 img_0467-1 img_0465I really like skirts, they’re feminine, they’re graceful, they’re versatile but most of all, they signify a certain unspoken rebellion because they are still, in most parts, frowned upon.

In the smaller towns of India, it’s slowly becoming alright to be seen in jeans and a tee shirt but stray towards a skirt and be sure half the town will stare, including women, as though you stepped on cow dung and then chose to collect it to make a face mask. Actually, no, even cow dung face masks are more acceptable than skirts.


I find that quite weird, for most schools in the country have skirts as their uniform, albeit with length restrictions such as twenty inches below the knee. I was oblivious to such restrictions when in school much to the horror or my teachers and I wholeheartedly believed that boys in my class in tiny shorts were in fact, worse.


Thus, to me, the skirt signifies a lot more than a pretty dress and this one incident comes to mind. During my last year in school, class 12 (I somehow did complete my schooling must to the amazement of everyone) I decided that I didn’t need to buy a new skirt and the old one from the previous class would do just fine for a year. Not wanting to waste, I wore the skirt, it had gone up to two inches above my knee with the waistband low enough for me to join a hip-hop crew. On my first day itself, I was summoned by the principal for my obscene choice of clothing, but instead of her office, she chose to do this in the corridors, right after assembly when all the students were out.

“Namita”, she yelled. “Your skirt is way too low, this is the incorrect uniform. Please pull it up and secure tight with your belt”, she bellowed. So I did, and on pulling it up, the skirt rose to four inches above my knee almost creating an emergency evacuation on the school premises amidst hi-fives and woots from my schoolmates. I was then a rockstar, for my defiance.


Ever since then, I’ve worn skirts high up on my waist and higher up on my knees, many of which are still from when I was in school.


So this month, I wanted to do a series of posts on skirts. On different ways you can wear them in and also to show that recycling clothes and wearing them in many different ways is possible. I didn’t want to waste material in school on a new skirt, I don’t want to do it now either.

Wearing: Skirt: River Island On, Dress worn as top :, Flats: MissBennett on

Photos by Sindhur Reddy

Make up and hair by Justin Lhouvam


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