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Here’s something new, I’ve never missed out putting up a post that was mean to be for a certain month especially, after I’ve highlighted it’s soon to be existence on the monthly cover, but this month just didn’t allow me to blog very much.

It all happened suddenly, when on a fine morning, I got a project at work. A project that would be challenging and would also take up every waking and dreaming minute of my life. With close deadlines, I couldn’t help but work extra hours and work really fast and that made me have to push aside the blog for a bit.


So this month, instead of a new cover and a new series of posts, I’m just going to finish the one’s that were left behind from September. It’s a good thing also, since I’m travelling for a while towards the end of this month and can’t depend on the internet to ruin my “me” time.


We’ll start afresh next month, with new posts and stories, until then, let’s take off from where we left, the third skirt post.


This one is a faux leather skirt worn inside a sequinned dress much like my gloated personality inside of a city life existence.


Wearing : Skirt by Zara, Dress : Thrifted, Heels : Dolcis on


Hair and make up by Justin Lhouvam


Photos by Sindhur Reddy



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