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Shot for, I wanted to do a quick story on how a garment can be worn by women of different ages with just some difference in styling. I hate reading articles that start with “How you should dress” or “what goes with what age” and have always believed that everything goes with every age depending on how you wear it. For this story, three beautiful women, one in her 20’s another in her 30’s and the third in her 40’s agreed so kindly, to shoot for the feature and all three of them were given the same pair of palazzos to wear, alongwith different styling of course. That’s what dressing is about, to step out of what you know looks good on you, to find out what might look great.


Here’s handing over to the lovely women in our feature for




“The 20’s are the time of your life aren’t they? To make memories, to love, to go on adventures… As for what I wear, no one questions it for the most part. In a country where it’s still taboo for many young girls my age to wear jeans or crop tops, it’s a freedom I’m very aware of. It’s the ability to make simple choices like that when you are young that shape you as a person and to love yourself.”

how to wear




“I think women in their 30’s are conditioned to think that some great calamity has struck them when they enter this decade. What strikes you instead, is a sense of calm. When you begin to understand what matters and what doesn’t – like it doesn’t matter what people think about what you wear and what matters is if you feel great in it.”

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“40 is not the new 30. Or the new 20. Or the new teens. It is what it is – an age when I’m super comfortable with who I have become. And who I still want to be in the future. And as for what I wear – until clothes for adults come with labels saying ‘for ages 20 – 30’ or whatever, I’m going to wear whatever I like.”

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Photos by Lalit Atal

Styling and concept by Namita Gautham

Words by Jacob Anand

Hair and Make Up by Mariana

Modelled by Sonam Pirani, Anu Malathy Shyamsunder and Mariam Begg



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