My happy month of October is over and now I have to write a November editor’s letter while sulking at October not stretching itself long enough.


The thing is, each year, October is always the best month for me, it’s my birthday month and usually has some great experiences in store for me. Last year wasn’t the best year I had, so to recover from the madness and confusion, I planned a vacation in October, just for me, to do what I wanted to. The fruits of the vacation still running through all my thoughts.

I went scuba diving and got so obsessed with it that I finished two courses in one holiday. Diving is something I would recommend all of you to try, if not courses, at least fun dives. What an experience!

I honestly cannot put it down in words for I am no poet and poetry is the only possible way to describe the world underwater. But what I can do, nah, will do, is dedicate this month of November to my trip and show you guys some of the pictures I took while there, very raw and real for I’m not great with a camera, but hoping you’ll can relate.


Now, I’m ready to face the rest of the year all the while counting down the days to October next year. Hope you guys had a wonderful and noiseless Diwali and have a wonderful year ahead.



Take A Bow

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