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I competed with myself.

We Both won.

It’s important to sometimes challenge your own boundaries, to question who you are and what you do, to threaten yourself to do better than yourself and to enable yourself to step out of the little universe you got so used to and find a new one you could get adjusted to better than before.


This holiday and all that conspired a while before, all the way until now, has taught me so many things that a text book, all the advice in the world and all the self-help books lying dusty on my shelf, couldn’t. That the world exists of so much more than we know, that we can be so much more than we know, that life has in store for us, so much more than we know. Our temporary grief is just that, temporary. Worth ten seconds of time in comparison to the rest of our lives.


I’ve come back from the holiday, a different person. More open, that I have to remind myself to shut up sometimes while the other me cheers on as I rant into the sunset. A lot calmer, a lot happier and a lot more satisfied with my current place of creepy cretin in this world and I couldn’t find one complaint. Not one to ever go on a holiday with people I don’t (didn’t) know, not one to panic and stay put, not one to go thirteen days without planning on paper and checklists, not one to let the feelings show to the entire world, hell, I don’t even know the pre-holiday girl anymore. All I know is that she still stands in front of a camera for her blog pictures while I click on self timer.

Ten seconds.



Wearing: Jumpsuit from Glamorous, gifted by my dear friend, Flats from Holster on Ajio.com

Photos by Namita Gautham





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