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There will be rain.

There will be unrest, a desire to make an uncaliberated decision,

to dive right in.

The fidgeting of fingers, the dreams interspersed with fantasy,

gradually drifting into sleep.

The feeling of unrest, of muddled thoughts intertwined with knowing why,

the desire to get up and do.

Why do I feel restless, why am I impatient?

Why do I know, am I already acquainted with realisation?

Just a short way away, to settle the dust

Cold drops on a breezy morning, will give a hand.

There will be rain.


This post was supposed to be a year end note like I do each year, with a list of learnings et all. But it is now a stupid poem only because it started raining and that’s how we roll. It is however, a fleeting but recurring thought, often, on what I should be doing this coming year and some grand plans are being laid while typing this and chomping down on lamb shanks. Think of the lamb shanks and drool, I don’t share food.


Wearing :  

Trousers Missguided on Jabong.com , Top and sunnies: Koovs.com , Shoes: Forever 21



Photos by Sindhur Reddy



Take A Bow

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