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Randomly scrolling through my millions of mails, deciding to bulk delete all assuming they’re spam from obnoxious press releases telling me which celebrity’s chaddis were pink and who dug their nose in public I stumbled upon something of interest, so much interest that I actually dropped my phone and had a tear in my eye. Because my phone screen and cover cracked.


Obviously, the stress that week was quite high, I would have to go back to a website and order a new phone cover, get to a shop to stick on the screen guard, all amidst dwindling finances and the absence of the office delivered chai. I obviously needed a good massage and someone to donate money for the same. Pop came this email to my rescue. An email from Bounce salon in Bangalore, inviting me to review and experience a skin spa ritual. I made a day of it, tucked the boyfriend under my arm and marched right upto the salon to demand what I deserved.


The spa experience was by a brand called Comfort Zone that has newly introduced it’s products and they did an entire skin analysis and then tailor-made a therapy based on our skin needs. The products felt amazing on my skin, a 5 step process, each of the different products melted into my skin and I could feel fresh and so sleepy with contentment. To top it off was the massage that did put me into a tizzy.


By the end of the ritual, I felt like chamomile, pretty, jubilant and blooming. The boyfriend too shone like the sun on an exotic beach island.


The Comfort Zone experience is something you should totally swap your regular facial or clean up with. I haven’t had any breakout since then, it’s been three weeks and my skin is supple and the dry, flaky snake shedded face is history.


You can try out the Comfort Zone facial spa at Bounce Salons in Bangalore.


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Photos by Anuj Ramchandran



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