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Happy 2017 dear world.


We start this new year with a brand new frame of mind, a brand new plan for the blog and hopefully better shoots as we go along. To kickstart, we have a men’s issue. Of course there’s a little bit of me in there too since I’m closer to being macho man than wondrous woman but that little guest appearance too, is thanks to a guy willing to feature with me.


This month, we cover a beautiful editorial with two colleagues and a friend, shot for AJIO.com as part of their real people feature. Wearing formal wear, these gentlemen look dapper and drool-worthy in equal measure. The highlight of this feature though, are their stories on their personal body types, how they overcame and learnt to accept the body they have and know that they can look amazing no matter what. Check out the story to know why this one’s a personal favourite.


Our next feature is with Allen, who visits the blog once again, for an older shoot done for Myntra. It’s always fun to hang out and shoot with him, especially when trying to fly a kite and failing miserably.


Our last one is a men’s launch video I shot, also for AJIO.com. I absolutely loved the video and had to share it as part of The Men’s Issue.


Hope you guys enjoy the Issue and have yourselves a fabulous year and get whatever you want as long as it’s not in the same category as what a spoilt ratty rich kid, or a Russian drug lord, or Kim Jong Un wants.



Take A Bow

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