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Googling every make-up purchase has become quite a deal with me. No, it’s not for the reviews or the price tag, but for a tag of a different kind. The Cruelty Free tag.

Welcome to the March Issue of Take A Bow, we don’t have a name for the issue but let’s just call it Conscious Shopping Decisions.


At Take A Bow, each one of us (by us I mean Take A Bow’s conscious-hearted friends, photographer, support system and I) try to do a little bit to make a difference to the world, by way of choosing to personally change a part of our lives to start with, before putting the word out there.

From growing basic vegetables like chillies in the back yard, to using half a bucket of water instead of the almighty pleasurable shower, to reducing our personal carbon footprint by cycling, to selling images to donate, we all have at some point and often throughout, been conscious of our resource utilisation.


Which is why, this month, after months of following a simple rule, I decided to put one of my personal choices out there. I won’t call it a cause because I’m not interested in fighting anyone for it, I’d much rather just guide my readers towards it if they want to give it a try.


More about this personal choice in the upcoming blog post and hopefully a lot more in our future posts.



Take A Bow

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