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I like animals more than I like most humans. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that in a blog post before too. I cannot emphasize enough.


Am I a vegetarian? I almost hear someone ask. Well no, not yet. It turned out to be a bit harder than I imagined but I’m still trying and I don’t want to lie though if I did, no one here would find out, unless you took me for a meal which would be highly appreciated and I’ll even eat all-veg. Neither am I one of them preachers asking you to quit non-veg to save animals, I’m just trying to talk about this one pledge I made a while back and have followed through.


A few months back, I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy animal tested products anymore, to do my little bit, as a start to wanting to eventually, truly be an animal lover, in action too as well as in thought. One day I just woke up, shelved some of my existing skincare and cosmetic products and replaced the rest with new ones as each product ran out, while I found equally good and ‘suitable for my skin’ alternatives. This post, is a series of make-up looks I created using the #crueltyfree products, entirely. My next post will have the list of products I have used in this shoot.


I do also have a few disclaimers, for the self gloating and ever willing critics:

1. The purpose of this post and the next one, is only to personally try out a set of looks with these products, many of which aren’t touted as the best in the market and often lose out to animal tested products on popularity, if only in certain categories. I personally found them to be rather nice and hope some of my readers too might want to make this change.


2. I still have not found equally good, cruelty free replacements for all my lipsticks in the colours that I want, but my search is ongoing. The ones used in this post are however all cruelty free.


3. My knowledge of cruelty free products is entirely based on what I find on PETA’s website and google.


4. In my older posts here and on facebook, there might be mentions of Animal tested products and brands, however, that was before I took this pledge upon myself. I now refuse to endorse or post of any of those brands, including skin care treatments and facials.


5. If you’re a vegetarian thinking that being a non-vegetarian, I have no right to talk about animal cruelty, you’re right as much as you’re wrong. Right by way of yes, I’m still being cruel in my own little way. Wrong by way of yes, I’m doing my bit to balance it out as much as I can start with.


6. None of the images above have any skin corrections or touch ups, luckily my omnipresent acne decided to not visit.


Photography and Gif editing by Anuj Ramchandran

Base image toning by a very sweet friend, who I cannot mention now, but maybe soon.

Concept and creative direction by Namita Gautham



Take A Bow

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  • Paromita Chakraborty

    I am elated to hear that you’ve taken the first step :) yaaaaay for that! Eventually, you’ll be able to quit all animal related products, in all the spheres of life. Speaking from experience :)

    My husband and I started using cruelty-free products 3 years back. Then we stopped buying silk, wool or leather. 2 years ago we stopped eating non-veg. I am a Bengali and my husband is a Malyali, hence, born hard core non-veg eaters… but it was so easy to quit. We just happened to read an article about the torture metted out to cattle while being transported to slaughter houses. THAT WAS IT! We couldn’t touch any form of meat ever again! Now we are trying to go vegan. This one is difficult, but I am sure that with time, we will get there.

    I am just so happy to hear that you have started :) and that you are using your platform to talk about it! Well done, Namita. May the force be with you!



    • namita_gautham

      Hey Paromita :)
      I’m so glad to hear your story, I stopped buying leather as a child and now it’s this. Hopefully soon I’ll get onto the vegetarian bandwagon too, also because it’s healthier :) So happy you resonate. Please do share the post so more people can start to think about cruelty free make up and know that there are enough options for them to try.