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What do we know about ethical buying? We’re a generation that goes from Like to Buy within minutes, with cell phones enabling quick purchases to position ourselves in the race to be trendy, trendier and trendiest. 


What do we know about ethical buying? Nothing. And that’s an anomaly. We hear of climate change and make it a topic of our next discussion when we meet the friend with enviable knowledge, we throw words like socially responsible because we segregated our trash all through this month and patted ourselves on the back for dumping that dress, that doesn’t fit well anymore, into the dry waste. We talk of ‘save water’ while slipping on a pair of newly purchased acid washed denims. The very denims that take 1800 gallons of water (to harvest and grow the cotton crop required to manufacture one pair), their natural indigo dye nor the acid washes are great for the planet either. Extra slow to decompose, these dyes darkens river water so flora and fauna are starved of sunlight and oxygen while disposing off acid into water bodies kills the flora and fauna so deprivation of sunlight and oxygen isn’t even a problem for them anymore.


Other clothing is made primarily of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, rayon, elastane, spandex, nylon, polyamide and newer names cropping up. You can collectively just call them plastic in fabric form. Oh, and the make-up, it’s tested on little bunnies, beagles and baby monkeys. not on just their skin, but their eyes, mouths, bodies and every other unmentionable limb.


So yeah, it’s time we start thinking about what we buy. And we at Take A Bow are going to put forth the information to you, as best as we can and take you through the various dark facets of fashion and beauty and how to work your style around them. We don’t expect anyone to change their entire wardrobe to buy sustainable fashion, but we mould a perspective wherein you would consider striking a balance between fast fashion and slow fashion and make tiny changes with your style habits, by a new series (ongoing) called #EthicalLabel where we not only feature brands and design houses that are ethical (a lot goes into the category of ethical, which we’ll take you through the course of constantly compiling this section) but also ideas, art, people and anything else that falls into the category and is willing to be featured here.


We start this journey of #EthicalLabel here, featuring The Summer House.


The Summer House. Sounds environment friendly enough. Looks like the label could be kind at heart. Well, they do more than just that.

Fair and responsible being their core, they make breezy garments with fabrics that love the environment. Organic, undyed as much as possible and sustainable, the brand gives back not just to it’s weavers and artisans by fair wages, but does so while avoiding coloring of fabrics with dye and by using a completely new fabric called Tencel that’s made using tree pulp and can be recycled. By producing as much as possible in the studio or directly sourcing from artisans and weavers, they ensure no payment cuts to the poorer artisans in a village and fair wages. Focussed on being as ethical as possible, in every step, from conceptualization to creation of the final product, The Summer House has an iconoclastic approach to how clothes should be made.


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Photographs by Sindhur Reddy, shot for The Summer House’s ‘The Mixer‘ Collection.

Make Up by Sahana Bairampalli

Modelled by Meghal Anukul

Photographer’s assistant : Raji Pandian


Go on The Summer House, Take A Bow.


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