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Remember how we mentioned in our last post that #EthicalLabel was a series not just of fashion brand and clothes but other forms of work that give back too? Well, drumroll.


The Revival, featuring women who have chosen careers that help to give back to the world, whether by way of income, business idea or even way of thinking and inclusion, this is a series that talks about the forgotten art. Women, who have redefined alternative and unusual career choices, but all with one thing in common, to give back to the world in their own unique way. Then is the added bonus of wearing the best of traditional Indian crafted clothing in Ajrakh and Ikat, both styles of handcrafted printing and weaving respectively, that too are a dying form of craft and one that is only Made In India, mitron.


Read the entire story below, written by Jacob Anand. Please do take a look at video too, at the end of this post.


India, has been and is, a treasure trove of resources – cultural, natural and historical.But in the din of futuristic clatter, these treasures have lost their sheen. In desperate need of heroes, they are in danger of simply sitting pretty in the pages of history. The individuals who are preventing that from happening are who we celebrate here.

When an entire generation obsessed with shiny, tinny, technology obsessed future, these people who stand out with their counter-world view. Looking ahead, by peering over history’s walls into the past.They are women reviving the treasures birthed by our soil and presenting it to a brand new audience.


Vydehi Kadur is bringing back Bangalore’s gardens.

“Our gardens were our growing up spaces and a place for escape. In the chaos of the city, gardens don’t just bring beauty, but serenity in environment. That’s what we are tying to bring to other people through Muddy waters.

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Sreeranjini GS is bringing back India’s traditional games with Kavade, a game store and cafe in Bangalore.

“What started as a thinking process for my kids turned into a concept tat had me saying that I’m going to make traditional games and they’re going to be plastic free. Kavade was born and so was a space for bonding and interaction. Between people of all cultures and most importantly, ages. When you sit down for a game together, you don’t just play. You laugh, you share stories. That’s how people of yore lived.

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Aruna Ganeshram is bringing back immersive theatre with Visual Respiration.

“In 2012 I took immersive theatre up, full time and started Visual Respiration, which is about engaging the senses. Where the audience is not merely observing but being a part of the performance. Physically, spiritually and emotionally.

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While their stories by themselves are inspiring and their work goals are what could soon be seen as #goals of Instagram, we also here want a bit of space to tell you of the clothes they are wearing.


The garments are all from within a section called Indie which sources their clothes, both ready pieces as well as fabrics, directly from artisans and weavers, the the unknown and often neglected villages of India. They are a business model that believes in fair trade, fair wages and also promoting the artisan by letting the customer know where the garment has come from, complete with more credible certification than I got in school.

As a blog that might be influential to even two people excluding the blogger’s best pals, we request you readers to take some time to question your purchases, even if occasionally. We urge you to think of “hipster-for-now” problems like greenery, conservation and dying art forms and not do so, only over psuedo-intellectual wine and dine, but in your homes over dal tadka and brown rice biriyani, with the same gusto with which you would discuss how brown rice biriyani isn’t really biriyani.

More about the garments and how they’re woven and printed, in our further posts.


*Shot for with all clothes from the Indie section



Shot and edited by Arindam Biswas

Assisted by Devavratha Kalkura and Kushal Bhumana

Scripted by Namita Gautham

Styled by Ketaki Iyer

Make up by Nashra Aziz


Stills or better known as Photos

Shot by Syed Zubair at Studio 11

Art Direction by Divya Sharma

Styled by Ketaki Iyer

Make up by Nashra Aziz



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