take a bow

Hello June!


May just disappeared without a single blog post didn’t it? Actually come to think of it, in the past two years or so, I have gone missing from blogging for a month at a stretch in between but it’s been quite a conscious move. While I was swamped with office work and not a single weekend to lay my butt to rest at, I worked through the hours and blogged as if my life depended on it. Nothing depended on me blogging. Except my two bits of joy at publishing something for my eyes to see foremost.


But now, with very little to do and loads of time on a couch, getting off my rater well-rested butt seems harder. But I’m going to try, more and more each day till I actually tick off all the things I want to do, with the blog and with my life.


This month’s issue is Sports Bling. Two fashion terms I love, second only to pastels and high-rise. This ¬†meeting in between occurs regularly in my choice of outfits because I really can’t do one at a time. It gets either too gym addict or too prom queen headed to a rave, for me. So in between. Just like everything should be, a meeting point of thoughts and grievances.


Hope you guys, unlike me, have a motivated month!



Take A Bow

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