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I’ve somehow ended up doing a metallics outfit post, at least once a year. That’s one more than the number of times I have entered a place of worship and definitely one more than the number of times I’ve voluntarily attempted cooking a meal.


Personally, I love metallics. There is a certain glamour associated with them and I also believe metallics show progression. Progression to the future, of new times and new memories, yet to be created. So the aam aadmi derivation of the futuristic trends is metallics and also the only thing you should be wearing to shimmy through the crowds. But my personal style is very little girly and glamourous and a lot more androgynous and sporty. And while I would go ahead and make an outfit post earlier of things put together to create a look, off late I very seldom deviate from what I would normally wear.


In the past few posts on bling, I realised that the shorts and cropped bolero has featured almost each time. Goes to show I’m a hoarder but also that you don’t need to buy brand new clothes all the time and your old pieces are versatile enough to be played around with. From layering the set as a whole in winters to wearing them with girly tops and now, sporty tees, it’s definitely one set that I think I’m going to keep in my wardrobe a while. Unless of course I continue to keep my butt out of the gym while eating like a bear about to go into hibernation.


Photos and editing by Raji Pandian

Wearing: Tee and sneakers from Koovs, Shorts from Forever New (really old purchase) 




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