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I wish I see a shooting star,

I wish I get that chance to make a wish.


Sometimes don’t you just want that one chance to have your wish come true? Like everything you’ve been wanting and working for, to actually see fruition sooner rather than later? I do too, all the time. I know they say that good karma always finds it’s way to the person who’s earned it but I’m still waiting to see the wee bit that I know I’ve earned.


They say if you really want something with all your heart, the universe conspires to give it to you. In my case, that’s true to a large extent, but it’s also true that it’s exceptionally difficult for your heart to deal with wanting three or more things, all at the same time. I think that’s why mine goes into hiding ever so often, only to surface occasionally, hate what it sees and run back into hiding.  But that’s OK, i’m not one to shy away from the work it takes to make things happen and to chase what I want like a freak off her leash.


Shot by Raji Pandian


Wearing: Bomber and sneakers by, Skirt by River Island



Take A Bow

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