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I might leave, but I’m still here.

Consider this as me wearing my shoes and walking off,

amidst the morning mayhem,

only to later realise that you have my socks,

that my shoes just don’t fit well without them. 


I have weird attachments to people, things and places. My attachments range from clothes, to people to cafes to even corners I’ve visited while travelling and somehow, when any of these above, strike a chord with me or give me even a momentary happy memory, I get attached and cannot wait to go running back. Almost as though some part of me is still there, with the person, at the place or oddly, with the clothes. My attachments with the humane are best served with a hot cuppa across the table from me and only mildly highlighted in the opening verse of this post, but those to my clothes is something the usual lot of readers already know of.


With trends coming and going and (most) bloggers constantly pressurizing the masses into buying the latest in fashion and following a herd, I feel it really shouldn’t be about encouraging those impulsive purchases but spending time to re-style old and classic ones. I too fell in love with so many off shoulder shirts from Zara and the likes but stopped myself from splurging my hard earned salary on something that is a trend today, when I can just as easily adapt to it with what I already have. We as consumers, rarely ever realise how much we waste in the name of fashion. We keep buying stuff that we wear just a few times before stuffing them into the deepest abyss of our wardrobe only to pile up newer clothes. Sometimes, we find recluse in throwing away old clothes into bins and the slightly more conscious lot might donate some. But this world of fast fashion is a terrible one, a world that fills up land fills without an end in sight. And as a consumer who is a part of this world, I feel more responsible towards doing my best to reduce waste by reducing purchase, starting one garment at a time.


There are many clothes in my wardrobe, that I’ve had for many years. The oldest being a night tee that I bought when I was in the 5th standard and still wear occasionally. The black shirt in this outfit is one such piece, that isn’t as old but just as loved.


So here’s it is, played around with, to accidentally create three trends. The off shoulder, the sheer back and the knotted-up. Of course I like to add well-worn to that list as well as familiarity.

Cuz my leggings just don’t fit well without it.


Photos by Raji Pandian


Wearing: Shirt by Zara, Leggings by H&M, Brogues by No Doubt on



Wash, Wear, Take A Bow, Repeat.

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