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If you don’t just skim the surface,

if you explore further,

you might just find a galaxy,

within someone you though was only a planet.


Us millennials, yes that’s what we, the young and restless are called, we have no time. We run from one place to another, from one party to another, from one person to another, without even a glance behind our backs or a glimpse into our future. We don’t stop to see if where we’re going , is even the path to what we decided for our future. But then that’ just the environment around us, that’s how we’ve seen the world and don’t know any different.


But what might you feel, happens, if you were to stop for the one minute and really look at the time going by?


I spent years running, mostly at work, a lot from place to place, a bit between people, never once stopping to see if I was even going in the right directions, in the path that was supposed to lead to what I eventually wanted. I felt like I had very little time to get there so no time to waste and the assessing could happen later. Of course, later didn’t show up for a while until one day, out of the blue, it did. With it, it brought a complete stopper to my work, to my back to back meetings, to the numerous projects I had running simultaneously and to the hordes people I used to come across. As if on queue, I had all the time in the world with not much to do and no plans in sight.


Frustrated, I often glanced up at the gorgeous skies and abused generations of it’s family, as if talking to an other worldly being and convincing, no threatening them to straighten my life out or else. The threats remained threats for months on end, till I realized that throwing eggs towards the sky would only bring them hurtling back on my own head added with the wrath of my mother who stopped stocking eggs in the kitchen, entirely. That’s when I realised I had to just sit back and wait. And while I was at it, might as well enjoy the lull.


I started reading again, watching documentaries and nature episodes by the dozen, staring aimlessly at people passing by while I sipped my coffee, dreaming of holidays, booked holidays and went and did things I earlier did not have the time for. I took my fitness seriously, especially in the run up to the beach holidays and the complete probability of wearing a bikini, met new people with whom I talked random things, no work at all. I loitered without cause after gym, chatted on dimly lit streets, met friends for coffee with my laptop way out of reach. I finally felt alive.


In this time, I met a person, in whom I found an entire galaxy. Prettier than the ones from the documentaries, seeing it unfold closer than from a satellite. Whether I’m going to eventually start running the race against time again or not, whether this galaxy turns out to be my own universe or not, is to be seen.

But in this moment, I’ve found gold. Pure gold baby.


If you’ve stayed till the end of this blog post, then here it is. A dancing video for no reason other than me having time for once in my life. And it’s fun being weird.



Photos by Raji Pandian


Wearing: Top by Forever21, Longline Hoodie and brogues by Koovs (men’s section) Trousers by FabIndia


Take A moment,

Take A Bow

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