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clarks exotica spa review

clarks exotica Spa review clarks exotica spa Ayurvedic Room1

I hate spending time and money at any beauty parlour and apparently I’m the only one.


Ever since I can remember my first waxing visit to the parlour back in high school, I have detested spending even an hour at a parlour and ever since I can remember my first visit to a parlour, I’ve been recommended all sorts of facials, body scrubs, treatments for my hair, belly, warts, what-nots.


It’s just been one of those things I tick off a to-do list with as much enthusiasm as taking out the garbage which is exactly how I perceive a day of parlour pampering as, just taking out the garbage.

So when I was invited me to review the Clarks Exotica Spa, I responded with a “Yeah sure” while thinking “Oh my god, I’m going to get all kinds of lazy and not go.”


But this was just meant to happen. For I had a friends wedding scheduled at the same location, Clarks Exotica Resort and I figure some pampering before the wedding would do me good. So I went ahead and picked a treatment called Abhyangam.


The Abhyangam treatment is a body and head massage with herbal Oil from Kerala topped off with a steam bath. Before I went in, little did I know how amazing I would feel. The treatment started with filling out a form of what I expected from the session and then I followed the masseuse into a wonderful smelling room with really dim lights and the softest massage bed. A few minutes later, I was ready to be pampered while I caught in my forty winks. The body massage felt great, it relieved all the tiredness from the travel and the work week before and I caught myself dozing off ever so often, with contentment. After the massage I was taken to a steam bath room where I stayed till I shriveled up like a raisin and extracted myself to the shower for a cleanse.


The only downside to the entire experience, I was so relaxed that I dozed off in 4 of the 5 wedding functions, right there in my chair. That felt good.


I’m leaving the menu of the Spa’s entire offering here, for anyone who might want to make a quick trip here.



Thank you Clarks Exotica for having me an changing my mind about pampering. Thank you Pooja, for co-ordinating with a complete communication imbecile such as myself and scheduling the spa to coincide with the wedding.



Take A Bow

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