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Fairness creams. Being unfair to the human society, since 1975.


Every once in a while, we put up a post featuring people, some close to my heart, some newly acquainted, some I have stories worth days of, some with whom the stories are being written. But one thing, we always feature people who are inspiring, have affable personalities and who are confident to a point of being on our cover.


When we started Take A Bow, it was always intended to be more than just a fashion blog. It was meant to be a space for story telling, a space for personal fashion, mine and of those who are featured, a place of no touch ups and put-ons.

We maintain the no skin touch up rule since our first issue (though we have once in a while had photographers touching up my face without permission and ceased to work with them) and we maintain that we show people how they really are, in clothes they would and do wear.


Welcome to the Men’s Issue, featuring Anuj Ramchandran, Patrick Ignatious and Satish Perumal.

In this issue shot originally for Ajio.com, we talk skin tone and how our country is obsessed with trying to get fair. Of Course, we approve of none of that bat shit foolishness and focus our collective energies on drooling over these three dark and handsome men instead.



Photo by Raghavendra Sahai


Always Celebrating you,

Take A Bow 

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