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take a bow travel blog take a bow travel goa take a bow travel blog travel goa take a bow take a bow travel blog

travel goa take a bow travel blog

Goa. Everyone from Maharashtra and Karnataka has been there. At least a few times. Taking a trip to Goa over the weekends has become like taking a trip to the mall, but with better traffic enroute to Goa.


I had at some point during my last few trips there, promised myself to never venture back there and instead go see someplace else. But that never happens. You don’t decide when to go to Goa, she does. So here I was, packing my little bag again, ready to board a flight. Surprisingly though, I did things in Goa I hadn’t before. Things that I shan’t speak of. An then some that I shall speak of.



For one, I finally attended a wonderful Goan wedding. For another, I stayed in bed everyday till it was really time to eat and get out for the sunset. I also visited homes of a few friends and saw what the Goan life was about. I saw another lovely house by a riverbed, now dilapidated but full of stories whispered by the cool breeze that day.

I went diving too, something most people don’t ever think of doing in Goa. More on that next.



Now when I look back at the entire experience, all I feel is a sense of longing and an understanding of how much more there is to explore, learn. How, everything you think you know, isn’t all of it. And sometimes it’s worth it to go ahead and give it another shot, that the second time might find you a whole new world.


Photos by Anuj Ramchandran

Edited by Raji Pandian


Wearing :

Look 1 : Striped Palazzos by Vero Moda, Bustier by Forever 21.

Look 2 : Top and bustier by Forever 21, Shorts by Dorothy Perkins, Flats by Holster,                       Sunglasses by Koovs.com 




Take A Bow

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