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It’s funny how one can be so away from home, yet feel so at home.

It’s funny how one can be so away from people, yet feel so crowded.


I’m currently in my yearly phase of just spending time with me, it comes each year, at different times depending on what shit has recently been doled out at me. Sometimes in spouts and often at long stretches. But I cherish it, my me time because most often I need people around me, to talk to, hang out with and laugh with, to function.



Someone asked me recently what I did on weekends, because I never seem to make any plans of going out. I thought about it for a while and realised while blurting, I love keeping myself company on weekends, where I can just do the things that I can’t find time for otherwise. Like reading a book, watching the rain and sipping on my tea.

I like spending my weekends tucked into bed with movies and documentaries to watch, or at a café with my journal and colourful pastel pens to write thoughts down. It’s pretty much the only time I get to gather my thoughts into one place, the weekdays are just spending running around at work and then to the gym.



I often go into this zone, some might even call it a shell, where the outside world becomes vague. It’s when I get the most understanding of my life and all my thinking done. It’s also when I tell myself jokes and crack myself up. Sure signs of a soon to be cat lady I agree, but pleasurable to me. I could also become a stray dog lady, the possibilities are endless.


But with all of this happening, I do seem to also have grown up a bit. To have reached a phase where the feared question of “When will you be ready to commit and settle down”, doesn’t scare me while earlier I’d run a mile after the question bearer with a bat.

With this growing-up I have managed to do in the past two years, I actually for once have an answer, an articulate one at that.


I guess that’s what spending time with yourself does. It allows you to talk to yourself as a newly-made friend and figure out what you’re all about.


Photos by Anuj Ramchandran

Edited by Raji Pandian 


Wearing : Dress by Forever 21, flats by Holster




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