Eccentric, Impatient, A bro in beautiful booties. Blogger, the moody kinds. Highly explicit, but you’d still see me as coated with sparkle. Talking about fashion for the real girl who kept her kidneys, even if clasped in the Dior bag.

Clothes obsessed and a hapless writer. Frankly, to me its quite a task.

Nothing makes me happier than meeting people (that does not give you permission to send me hai will you fraandship with me messages), coffee, blacks and whites, lights, earl grey tea and an online shopping delivery package, so a lot of my posts will contain elements derived from the same.

Editorial shoots with affordable clothes, travel posts, personal styled outfits, people and everyday fashion is reason I prefer you stick around.

Do not be surprised if you do not find highly opinionated criticisms because I am not very judgmental unless you have a toe in your mouth the first time I meet you; then I’ll just think you are awesome. Do anticipate a few tongue-in-cheek exaggerated experiences and some philosophical ones, yes I think aloud sometimes and you are more than welcome to hear.

I have a few beliefs when it comes to dressing and here they are. Read them or else.

  • There is no excuse to be poorly dressed. There is definitely no excuse to be poorly dressed and not carry it off, somehow.
  • I believe style is a reflection of a personality, a mood and a current frame of mind. Hence mine will change every three months depending on what I’m doing at that time.Luckily for me, I have a multiple personality disorder and many a frame of mind when it involves dressing. Mostly.
  • No matter how many celebrities say it, or how often, torture chamber heels are not worth the money unless you want to put them in the trophy display or sell them off in your old age as a return on investment.Yes I really do know what a return on investment is. I studied accounts and marketing, not fashion.
  • A smile is not your best accessory, it is an extension of you. An accessory is a peace sign and a lopsided grin. If your heart isn’t smiling, neither should you.